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Thyroid Problems Could Cause Weight Gain
By Andrew Deschanes

Thyroid Problems Could Cause Weight Gain

The thyroid’s function is similar to a car’s cruise control, set your desired speed and drive.  The same principle applies when the thyroid releases hormones that ensure your body is functioning at a correct and constant speed.  Your body’s metabolism is regulated by the thyroid, so when the hormone level is low all the cells in your body become less active. 

The cells become less active and need less energy to perform.  Thus more energy is stored in the form of body mass rather than used and you gain weight.  Which is a condition called hypothyroidism.  People with hypothyroidism can eat less than a person with a normal thyroid and still gain weight, due to the fact that you lose your ability to burn off or waste extra calories.

 If diagnosed with hypothyroidism, you can easily be treated by taking extra thyroid hormone in pill form.  Although the process of losing weight is still difficult, speeding up your metabolism by taking the thyroid hormone will help you lose weight.

Hypothyroidism can go undiagnosed or even misdiagnosed due to the wide variety of symptoms.  Too much thyroid hormone induces protein weight lose, which can lead to osteoporosis and heart problems, so taking the correct dose is crucial.  Even though thyroid hormones may be at the correct level, if taken for a long period of time, you may begin to gain weight again. You must stay active and exercise to help your body burn off those extra calories. Getting your thyroid to the correct levels is extremely important but, it takes effort on your part as well.


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